Who is Cellx Energy?

CellX Energy is a leading solar company headquartered in Orange County, California, serving customers nationwide. They provide their customers with exclusive access to the most advanced and high-efficiency solar systems featuring the latest CellX Energy technology.

Challenges we helped to find solutions for:

We started with Cellx in 2021 by building an online brand identity that stands out in today's digital age.

Logo Design

We have designed the logo to represent the business and not be easily forgotten by the users.

Web Design

We have achieved a web design representing the business and the goal of serving and introducing the new Cell X tech to customers interested in clean and sustainable renewable energy. We built a visually stunning and user-friendly website to help establish trust, build credibility, and convert visitors into paying customers.

Web performance and accessibility:

We ensure that every project we work on complies with all web accessibility rules as it is part of a positive user experience.

Social Media Marketing:

We designed the required social media posts, online brochures, and all types of banners.

Identity design

Our graphic designer created a strong brand identity plan that can help differentiate CellX Energy from its competitors and build customer loyalty. The brand identity they created is more than just a logo or a color scheme. It is the overall look and feel of the business and each design component, and we ensure that it covers everything from website design to marketing materials. Our brand identity development services include logo design, color scheme development, typography selection, and visual style guidelines. We work with CellX to create a brand identity that accurately reflects the business's personality and values.

80% CTR

From The Client

"Guys, you are amazing, and i enjoyed every discussion i had with the Innovatx team, which helped my business a lot to be distinguished in the field of clean energy supplies and solar systems."

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