Lock and Roll Locksmith

lock and roll locksmith

Who is LockanRoll?

LockanRoll is a locksmith service in the Los Angeles, California, area. They have been serving the community of Rancho for almost ten years now with commercial locksmith services, corporate service contracts, and all types of security needs. They also serve residents and all the neighborhoods within a 100-mile radius around their stores.

Besides serving businesses and residents, they provide all types of lockout solutions for all vehicles and safes. They help businesses to choose the right security solutions for their business needs, as well as provide all the necessary materials and a variety of commercial safes.

We helped find solutions

We started with Lock and Roll by Brand Identity to help their business be recognized by designing logos, trucks looks, store banners, email marketing, and customer loyalty follow-up. We changed the layout design for the whole business, removed unnecessary elements, and created a different approach to their website content and design. We also planned an online marketing plan to help the business reach more leads organically and increase its return on investment. We are proud to provide them with technical solutions to help their ranking move from the third page of Google search results.

Web Design

We have achieved an easy design edition that has helped the user to move faster through the business website. Additionally, we have helped the business to get calls and leads organically without relying on pay-per-click advertising.

Web performance and accessibility:

We increased web accessibility from 45% to 100%. Web performance and speed increased from 55% to 93%, and our developers will get it to 100% within the next two weeks. We take pride in our team's hard work and the results we can achieve quickly and cost-effectively for all businesses.

Logo Design

We have edited the logo design to represent the business and not be easily forgotten by the users. It was an enjoyable experience for our logo designers.

Blog Content:

In just eight weeks, our technical writers were able to produce related content for the Lock and Roll business and organically rank up in Google search. We are proud of our teamwork.

Identity design

As you can see from our work examples for Lock and Roll, we succeeded in making the business distinguished and noticed through our designs for their vehicles, banners, business cards, brochures, and more. We thank the Lock and Roll team for your cooperation, and the community appreciates your professional hard work.

20.4% CTR

272% ROI

30% less CPA

From The Client

"The Innovatx team's strong work ethic helped us to reach the first page of Google search results, and now we are the first on Google Business Maps in our area. Thank you, Innovatx team, for your intelligent and well-planned work that has helped us stay at the top of our business competitors."

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